As a landscape assistant for several years and an avid gardener myself, I seem to be consistently coming across the same request. People want seasonal gardens so that they can look out their window any time of the year and see an amazing display of color and beauty. How do we get this affect even in spring, when temperatures are still chilly and the ground is just warming up?

Through the years I have looked for the answer. I have found it to be bulbs. They fit the requirements perfectly, having been planted in the balminess of fall. Generally, plants that grow up from bulbs are great for seasonal gardens because once their growing and subsequent blooming cycle is finished, they can be cut back and thrown to compost for another later season, or they can be taken inside for beautiful bouquets. Yet their bulbs stay in the ground, ready for next year’s growing season and out of the way for the generally bushier plants to grow up and around them.

Flowering bulbs all Spring

Start first with the crocus for a late winter surprise. Then move on in the spring with tulips followed along with a beautiful bundle of hyacinth flowers. Another good early spring flower that is sweet and reliable are some muscari bulbs as they are setting your garden up for great pollination by producing a good amount of nectar; beautiful and useful! Then, get ready for Easter with daffodils, adding an additional height layer to the garden as well. Next, for some later spring early summer bulbous blooms I love to include iris and then taller alliums to look down over the rest.

The best thing? You don’t have to look very far! All of the great flowering bulbs mentioned above can be found right here at!