Growing bulbs in containers is lots of fun and you get spectacular results is all goes well. Here’s how to make sure that nothing stops your spring container plants from looking fantastic.

Decide if you want to go for the classic massed pot using one variety or go for a cool combination that will flower simultaneously for an explosion of colour. You can also try combining different species. For example, yellow daffodils and purple crocuses are sure to make a statement. Alternatively, you can mass bulbs with different flowering times in a container. The overall show won’t be as striking, but you will get a prolonged display.

We have some ready-made combinations that are sure to delight the eye. Try Tulip Spring Break Mix for a remarkable combination of pink tulips and clear blue muscari or use the Early Glory Collection of Kaufmannia tulips and white crocus for a superb contrast between icy white and firey orange. Try your hand at making your own combinations, mix and match colors and play with short and tall flower stems to create depth.

Whatever you do, make sure that you use a commercial potting mix that is designed specifically for bulbs or make your own, but ensure that the mixture is light and well-drained. Milled sphagnum makes a good basis for a potting medium. Never use garden soil as containers are not part of a functional soil system and what thrives in your garden won’t necessarily thrive in a pot with dug up garden soil!

Check the recommended planting depth of your bulbs before you begin. Fill the pot to the desired planting depth and then fill. If you would like to combine bulb species with different planting depths, start with those that need to be planted deepest, then fill to the next planting depth and so on.

Water well after planting and don’t feel the need to shelter your bulbs too much. Cold protection is only needed if temperatures fall below 32F, otherwise, outdoor conditions will be perfect for your plants. Do not allow the pots to dry out and avoid waterlogging. In spring, you’ll be rewarded with a show of container color that’s second to none!