Everyone loves a magnificent show of daffodils but not all daffodils will offer you the superb garden performance of the renowned ‘Dutch Master'.  Where does it originate and what makes it such a superb choice for your spring border? Let’s get all the details:


Half a century ago, the best hybrid Daffodil that money could buy was the delightful ‘King Alfred’, but plant breeders are continuously in search of improvement: more flowers, bigger flowers, more intense colours and vigorous growth are among the properties we continually strive for. Although this hybrid is more than 25 years old, it is still among the finest hybrids available on the market. Dutch Master has been crowned with a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit, so you don’t have to take our word for it: everyone knows that you’ll get unbeatable performance from this hybrid. The challenge will be in finding something that outperforms ‘Dutch Master’.

Dutch Master Daffodils for Landscape Plantings 

Properties of ‘Dutch Master’ daffodils

‘Dutch Master’ is a classic golden daffodil and if it had been available earlier, it might well have proved an inspiration for poets like Wordsworth. So what makes it better than Wordsworth’s daffodils? Like the daffodils that inspired his poetry, they naturalise easily but they have the added advantage of larger flower size. This mid-season trumpet daffodil is a sure-fire winner and you don’t have to bother with lifting the bulbs during the dormant season. If you’re looking for an undemanding yet striking trumpet daffodil, ‘Dutch Master’ should be your first choice.

Also, check out our Dutch Master Landscaping Special. Its a slightly smaller bulb size than or Regular Dutch Master bulb offering, but very economical for a large planting.