Matching up different colors and species of bulbs can be lots of fun, but if some flower early while others flower late, you may be a little disappointed with the results. We bring you our top tips for combining flower bulbs for a stunning show of simultaneously blooming color that will brighten your spring garden.

The easiest way to combine fall bulbs
Surprise your friends with your gardening prowess by choosing our ready-made bulb combinations. Perhaps you’ll even share your secret with one or two of your closest friends! Let the rest think that you are the genius behind the glorious mixture. After all, you took the time to read this and choose one of our designed-for-success collections.

Fall Bulb Collections

Combined species

Tulip Spring Break:
 This clever combination of deep blue Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) and blush-pink tulips is so perfect that even we can’t believe how fabulous it looks. The green foliage of the tulips is a little taller than the Grape Hyacinths adding a touch of extra interest to what must surely be one of the most magnificent bulb combinations ever seen.

Lukas Choice: Like ‘Spring Break’ this combo takes advantage of the potential for simultaneous flowering that exists between Grape Hyacinths and Tulips, only this time, the tulips are purest white.

Swimming Doubles: If you’re looking for a real explosion of color, you’ll love the cleverly named ‘swimming doubles’ collection. A mixture of brightly colored, double tulips swims in a sea of Grape Hyacinth – an absolute masterstroke!

Strauss Collection: It’s the perfect name for a truly classic combination of bulbs. The Strauss Tulip is an interesting combination in itself with its red and white petals. Add to that a carpet of rich golden Crocus and you get a tapestry of color that blooms simultaneously. It’s like having a perfect flower arrangement on the grand scale.

Early Glory Collection: In this collection, the fiery sunset shades of Kaufmanniana tulips combine with cool, pure white crocuses for a sensational display that really celebrates the spring.

Stockholm Collection: Blue and yellow are contrasting colors and the combination of the two is a real feast for the eyes. Of course, the Swedish flag is also blue and yellow, and that’s what gave this magnificent combination of daffodils and Muscari its name. You’ll know it really is spring when your early-flowering bulb collection bursts into bloom.
Fall Bulb Mixes

Gorgeous, same-species combos
From mixtures in a seemingly infinite number of colors and color combinations to carefully selected combinations of one or two colors, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Go for a riot of Anemones, Alium, Tulips or Hyacinths (there’s more to hyacinths than just pink, white and blue) or choose designer combos like Crocus Sempre Avanti (blue and yellow). There are innumerable combinations of tulips that work together, like the red and white Dynamite Collection, clever combinations of pastel shades or the magnificent purple lilac and white Seattle Triumph Tulip Collection.

Frankly, you’re spoiled for choice here. Browse our Bulb Collections and see for yourself!