Cool-climate gardeners are well accustomed to planting pretty tulips, hyacinths and crocus flowering bulbs in the fall. These bulbs require a certain length of time in a cold environment to thrive and bloom. However, not every bulb will need months of freezing weather to sprout. Let’s talk a little about the fall bulbs that are perfect for warmer climates.

Many of the most common flowering bulbs have actually originated in the warmest regions of the world. For gardeners in warmer climates, there are endless spring-blooming bulbs to choose from. While we believe that all flowers are beautiful, the most commonly preferred fall bulbs for warmer climates include the lily bulbs of almost all kinds; from the daylily to the spider lily as well as the African lily plants. Daffodils, Narcissus, Alliums, Iris and Fritillaria are some of the other commonly favorite fall bulbs that favor warm climates. These spring blooming beauties don’t require chilly weather at all. In fact, all these stunning flowers really need is to be planted in good soil with adequate drainage.

We find that some of our warm climate gardeners are hesitant in planting fall bulbs, thinking their climate won't sustain their growth. However, the majority of fall bulbs are easy to grow no matter what the location, need little care and upkeep, and are an absolute pleasure in the Spring. In general, spring blooming flowers can be planted in the fall and early winter, but as a little tip, the warmer your climate, try planting them a little later in the season. 

The wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors make these fall bulbs perfect additions to your spring garden. Not only do these lovely blooms add bright spots of color, they return year after year gracing gardens all over the world with their beauty.