When you have carefully selected your preferred flower bulbs, the last step before ordering is finding out how many bulbs per square feet you need to plant. How many bulbs do you need to order to give your garden or public space that full springtime look and feel? It all depends on spacing of the bulbs.

First, measure the size of your flowerbed. You'll need to find the number of square feet of the area that you want to plant. (Check out our spiffy and helpful Planting Area Calculator to make easy work of this).

Next, decide which type of bulb you want to plant. The chart below will give an indication of the amount of bulbs to buy for a regular effect. For a more dramatic and more colorful effect, buy more bulbs and plant them closer together. And when you are combining different bulbs together you can order fewer and plant them farther apart.
Bulbs per square foot

For a more detailed chart on how many bulbs to plant per square foot (with additional flower bulb varieties), take a look at our Planting Chart.

Here are some extra planting tips:

- For a dramatic effect, try planting only one single variety.

- To elongate the flowering period you can plant early, midseason, and late-season varieties of the same type of bulb and group them by bloom season.

- After flowering is finished, let the foliage yellow naturally before cutting it back, and plant annual flowers such as zinnias or marigolds in the bed to provide summer color.

- Be careful digging in the flowerbed so not to disturb the bulbs that may already be in there.

- For a longer show, you can plant two types of bulbs on top of each other in the same bed. For example crocus on top of tulips.

- If rodents such as voles or mice are widespread in your area (and eating your bulbs during winter) consider lining the bottom and sides of the bed with wire mesh before planting. Lay wire over the bed once planted, too. Remove the top wire mesh in spring.

- Choose some of our naturalizing bulbs for easy gardening.

And are you working for a landscaper or a fresh flower farm or just have a large or tricky planting area? We provide extra service in calculating the right amount of bulbs for large planting areas. Please email your questions to us at info@dutchgrown.com.