Everyone loves tulips, but the Ice Cream Tulip variety gives you that special something extra. Just one look at its pink and white, frilly blooms will tell you why this superb tulip is one of the most popular tulip varieties that money can buy. It’s definitely one of the cut-flower favorites, but it will also give you reliable performance in the landscape without requiring much special care other than rich soil and adequate water.


Every plant breeder dreams of being able to combine the best properties of two or more varieties in a single, superb bloom. A cross between double white ‘Casa Blanca’ and ‘West Frisia’ resulted in this delightful pink cup of petals topped with frilly white that gives this distinctive hybrid its apt name. This hybrid has only been around since 1999, but its unique appearance and great garden performance have already made it one of the most sought after Tulip varieties in the world today.

Garden uses

Let’s face it: nothing looks as great as a mass planting of a stunning tulip variety like ‘Ice Cream’, but you will only have its flowering time to work with. If you combine early, mid-season and late flowering tulips you get an extended colour display with an ever-changing look and feel. ‘Ice Cream’ tulips bloom in late spring, so combine them with early flowering tulips to get the ultimate show of colour.

Cut flowers

If you love your flowers, you’ll be keen to bring a few indoors. You won’t be disappointed with the Ice Cream Tulip’s vase life. Enjoy them as the ultimate in elegant indoor décor when you’re not admiring them in your garden.