Muscari, or blue and white grapes, are pure spring ushers which, depending on the species, will flower around March-to-April. The "grape hyacinths' are best but there are more than the 'normal' shades of grape hyacinths alone. They also grown in white, purple, yellow, violet, pink, bicolor and of course in different shades of blue.

Even planting
The best time for planting muscari is in October and November. Make planting holes and plant at least 50 bulbs per seat for a moderate effect. Bury them under an inch or 4 centimeters of dirt and you're always good. Once planted in a favorable position, partial shade on a sunny place that is not too wet in winter, they can come back year after year. Choose this naturalizing variety for example: Muscari latifolium which is also perfect for landscaping purposes.

Food Paradise
The strong early-flowering bulbous plant Muscari has an average height of 6 to 10 inches. Especially in the early spring, when there are few other flowers found, this brave thriving gem is plenty popular with insects such as bees. For that reason it is also called the "Nectar gas station" because it provides nectar in the flowers.

Fragrant Muscari
Additional fragrance can be found with Muscari Valerie Finnes and Muscari Golden Fragrance. 

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