Not every gardener or landscaper has the time to carry out the time consuming task of lifting and storing bulbs during their dormancy, despite knowing the rewards this practice can offer in terms of prize blooms. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that bulbs are out of the question in your landscape design. In particular, there are some great varieties of Narcissus that naturalize beautifully in the low-maintenance landscape. How will you know which ones to plant?

The answer is surprisingly simple. We have solved your problem with a fantastic Narcissus for Naturalizing Collection that includes all the very best low-maintenance Narcissus varieties you can get. Just plant them and enjoy the gorgeous effect of lovely spring blooms year after year.

Narcissus for Naturalizing 

These tough varieties come in every shade that you would expect from Narcissus: gold, white, frilly double flowered varieties and beautiful combinations of contrasting colours are all represented in this easy to grow mixture. Adding that special something to a mass planting, flower bed, rockery or border has never been easier. Imagine a carpet of low maintenance colour that appears by itself every spring, just when you’re hungry for a bit of life and color.

It’s a matter of choosing the right varieties and Dutch Grown has already done all the homework for you. Simply get your bulbs in time for autumn planting and let nature do the rest. All these delightfully easy-going bulbs need is a sunny or semi-shaded position and well-drained soil and the Narcissus for Naturalizing Mix settles in comfortably giving you maximum rewards for minimum effort.