In the 16th century, the tulip was the ultimate status symbol. The rich, intense colors were unequalled by those of any other plant at the time. For the upper merchant classes, they became the new way of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’. Tulip bulbs changed hands for exorbitant sums, and everyone who could afford it vied for possession of rare and beautiful hybrids.

Today, collecting tulips is accessible to ordinary people and they’re still the pride of the spring border for any keen gardener or landscaper who is looking to make an impression. One wonders what the collectors of yesteryear would have said if they saw the magnificent Tulip ‘Queen of the Night’! Had it been available during the years of the ‘Tulip Bubble’, it would surely have been the crowning glory of any collection – as it is today. This incredibly deep purple, almost pitch-black hybrid is the closest thing you’ll get to a true black Tulip.

Tulip Queen of the Night 

‘Queen of the Night’ will surely inspire you to creative gardening heights. It makes a stunning impression in mass plantings but also combines well with lighter colors. For example, imagine the spectacular contrast between ‘Pink Impression’ and ‘Queen of the Night’. Each compliments the other and the combination adds an artistic touch that’s bound to impress. White ‘Clearwater’ tulips will also be displayed to perfection when combined with this deliciously deep hue.

The well-formed blooms make Tulip ‘Queen of the Night’ a very attractive cut-flower and its ability to compliment and contrast with other colors makes it a sure-fire winner in the florist’s palette. As for the effect of Tulip ‘Queen of the Night’ in containers, it is absolutely superb. Mass them in white or natural terracotta pots for maximum impact. All in all, this superb hybrid offers you maximum versatility and excellent performance as well as exclamation-worthy blooms.

Update: Sorry, Queen of the Night is now sold out for the Fall 2014 season. It's available for pre-order for Fall 2015, or check out some of our other black tulip varieties that are still in stock and ready for immediate shipment: Black Hero and Black Parrot