We generally think of bulbs as being something we plant in the fall, but you can enjoy regal summer flowers after your spring-flowering bulbs have finished blooming. All it takes is enough foresight to plan for the season ahead – something we’re inclined to forget when we’re surrounded by the glories of spring. Let’s take a quick tour through the marvellous blooms of summer so that you don’t miss out!

Calla Lilies

If you have never grown Callas (Zantedeschia) before, you really should try them. Although the blooms look amazingly exotic, the plants are surprisingly easy to grow. They perform best in light shade with a bit of morning sun and they like moist yet well-drained soil. Of course, you will probably have seen how magnificent callas can be in pots, so if you’re not sure of your soil, grow them in containers instead.

As for the colors, they’re simply stunning! From the regal white blooms of Zantedeschia Aethiopica to vibrantly colourful pinks, oranges, purples and yellows of the dwarf hybrid varieties, there’s a Calla to suit every taste. They make great cut flowers too!

There are some strikingly matched color combinations available. and these mixtures offer variety and a perfect combination of cultivars. 

Zantedeschia Calla


Tall, elegant spikes of brightly colored Gladiolus blooms are one of the best reasons why you should not miss out on your spring bulb planting. Magnificent in the garden and long-lasting in the vase, no garden should be without these summer stunners.

As for the colors available, the only difficulty you will have is in deciding just which of the gorgeous varieties you should try. There are fiery reds, soft and bright pinks, lemony-yellows, juicy shades of apricot, soft blues and rich burgundies to choose from. If you can’t make up your mind, you can always get them all in one magnificent mixture.

Mixing and matching for yourself can be fun too. Try combining Gladiolus ‘White Prosperity’ with soft purple-blue ‘Madonna’ for a soft effect, or make a bold combination of burgundy-colored Gladiolus ‘Espresso’ and lime-yellow ‘Green Star’. The possibilities are endless!

Gladiolus need a sunny spot in your garden, and they’re tall enough to make a great background planting in the mixed border.


Polianthes (Tuberose)

Stimulate your senses with blooms that look and smell fantastic in mid-summer. Soft pinks and lilacs or bright whites characterise these wonderful garden treasures. They’re just the right height for mid- border plantings, but they are also superb when used as a mass-planting. Gorgeous all day long, Polianthes are at their best in the evenings when their rich scent intensifies.

One of the best things about Tuberoses, other than their marvellous scent and delightful blooms is the extended flowering period you can enjoy if you remember to plant them as soon as the danger of frost has passed. Try them in pots or use them as an attractive cut flower – these versatile plants are a sheer delight.

Enjoy the pastel shades of mixtures like Polianthes ‘Rainbow Mixed’ or choose between single colours like ‘Cinderella’ (pink with purple touches), ‘White Baby’ with its frilly pure white double blooms or ‘Yellow Baby’ in soft, creamy yellow.

Polianthes Tuberosa