These days, there are so many unusual forms and colors of Tulips available that one is literally spoiled for choice: bi-colors, doubles, fringed petals, rounded blooms, slender blooms, incredible colors – the list of varying attributes is simply stupendous. However, just about anyone will pause and exclaim at the sight of ‘Snow Crystal’ tulips. Some people may even be puzzled as to whether it is a Tulip or not!

The rounded blooms are crowned with a profusion of finely fringed petals creating a delicate appearance that belies its ease of cultivation. The mid to late spring flowering season makes this variety an important element in your spring succession of color and its white flowers combine well with just about any other shade. Admittedly the sight of a mass of cool white blooms is incredibly striking and works extremely well in formal settings, but this hybrid will also add excitement to mixed borders and more informal plantings.

If you’d like to combine it with other Tulip varieties, you can add a touch of subtle color with ‘Normandie’, a double variety that is predominantly white with lilac-pink tips. Or you can go for all- out contrast. Try matching it up with red and white ‘Cartouche’ or use it as a contrasting edging for the slightly taller ‘Black Hero’ for a touch of formal drama. Just as striking, the combination of taller Tulip ‘Abba’ with its clear red blooms against an edging of Tulip ‘Snow Crystal’ makes for a not-to-be- missed color display.

Add a touch of cream to your combination by introducing a frilly-petalled, sweetly scented Narcissus in softest creamy-yellow. It flowers at the same time and the flower stems are 2 to 4 inches shorter than Tulip ‘Snow Crystal’. If you’re into mixing and matching, you might like the idea of a mass of cool blue edged with your white ‘Snow Crystal’ Tulips. Try combining it with Scilla and add a touch of the unusual to your mid to late-spring beds and borders.