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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you mail printed catalogs?
At this time we do not have a printed catalog. Our entire product selection is exclusively online. Items that we are able to offer rotate frequently and many products are available for only a short time. Through trial and error with printed catalogs, we have found that the catalog selection is largely out of date by the time it reaches our customers and this can be frustrating not knowing which items are available to order or not. Additionally, the significant cost of printing and mailing heavy catalogs has a negative effect on our pricing. We would much prefer to have our customers enjoy an up to date selection of all products online at the most competitive price that we can offer! If you ever need assistance using our website or placing an order, please remember that you are more than welcome to give us a call at (800) 277-0215.

Do you have express shipping?

Express shipping options are not offered directly from our website. Please give us a call at (800) 277-0215 to discuss what options might be available for expedited shipping on your order.

How do I know what will grow in my area? 
Although conditions can vary greatly from area to area, a first step would be to take a look at the USDA Hardiness Zone Map. This is the industry standard which gardeners use to determine which plants may be suitable for their climate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for shipping? 
Please visit our shipping rates page with a complete overview.

What is your guarantee? sells the healthiest and freshest bulbs and perennials available in the industry. All we sell is 100% grower’s quality - we NEVER ship tired, over-used, old dried out bulbs! All material is meticulously inspected at every stage, from diligent disease control during the growing stage through to careful handling during packaging. The quality of all products that we sell far exceeds industry standards and we hope that our high standards will bring you back to DutchGrown year after year! When planted and cared for conscientiously (adhering to basic recognized growing practices and following care instructions mentioned throughout our site), our bulbs and perennials should provide outstanding results. Please take a look at our complete Gardening Guarantee.

What should I do if my product arrives damaged?
The likelihood of your shipment arriving damaged is very slim. However, if there is a problem on delivery, please contact customer service at on the same day that the order was delivered and a claim will be initiated with the carrier. You will need to retain the package(s) for a minimum of 7 days, as the delivery company may want to inspect the damaged product. We are able to reship replacement product after the delivering carrier has approved the damage claim. If we are currently out of stock of that item, we will gladly offer a substitute, or you may wait until the next shipping season for your area. We are not responsible for shipping delays or damage in shipment. We are not able to honor claims that are made more than 24 hours after receipt of the damaged product. After expiry of the terms mentioned above, customer is deemed to have approved the products delivered. For any concerns about your order, please contact us at

When does my order ship? 
At, we have two shipping season schedules for Fall and Spring planted bulbs. Please view our updated Shipping Schedule to determine when your order will ship out based on the date that your order was placed.