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Muscari Ocean Magic

Muscari Ocean Magic
This nice soft blue Grape Hyacinth is excellent for pots and containers but also for mass plantings. Height 6-8 Inches. Bulb size: Topsize 8/+ cm.

Muscari Ocean Magic

This nice soft blue Grape Hyacinth is excellent for pots and containers but also for mass plantings. Height 6-8 Inches. Bulb size: Topsize 8/+ cm.

Quick Facts:

Grape hyacinths: small is beautiful Grape hyacinths – the essence of early spring – appear around March/April depending on the variety. Although the deep blue ones are the most familiar, there are other kinds as well. They can also be white, lilac, purple, violet, pink, bicoloured, or various shades of blue. The flower stem of this attractive grape hyacinth bears tightly packed clusters of blue flowers followed by decorative seed pods. Planting is easy The best time to plant them is in October and November. Make planting holes and plant at least 50 bulbs at the same place for a good visual effect. If you bury them under about 4" of soil, success is assured. Once planted in a favourable spot – a sunny to semi-shaded location that stays fairly dry during the winter – they can pop back up year after year. If this naturalising is what you want, choose a variety such as Muscari latifolium. Most of the Muscari varieties are great for naturalizing! Food heaven Grape hyacinths are highly reliable early-flowering bulbs that have an average height of around 6 to 10". Especially during these first days of spring, when few other flowers are in bloom, these plucky little gems are eagerly visited by insects like bees and bumblebees. They provide so much nectar that they are sometimes called ‘nectar filling stations’. Scented grape hyacinths Varieties with extra fragrance include the sweetly scented Muscari armeniacum, Muscari botryoides ‘Album’ white and Muscari ‘Golden Fragrance’. Worth a closer look These little jewels are really worth taking a closer look at. This way, you can see all their little details. And/or pick a few to put in a little vase. Simply beautiful!

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Additional Information

Flower Color Blue
Common Name Muscari
Botanical Name Muscari Ocean Magic
Light Requirements Full sun / Partial shade
Bloom Time Early to Mid Spring
Estimated Mature Height 6-8" tall
Optimal planting spread 3-6" wide
Planting Season Autumn
Planting Depth 6-8 Inches deep
Soil Moisture Average


Muscari are all-round flowers: they are excellent as cut flowers, when planted in rockgardens, beds, borders, under shrubs, and trees, and can be used for indoor forcing. They are often grown as underplanting for tulips and daffodils. Muscari flower spikes make a good contrast to the rounder shapes of those larger flowers

Muscari Ocean Magic (Grape Hyacinth)

Ocean Magic is a classic yet hauntingly beautiful variety of muscari with soft blue flowers. Try to plant muscari in clumps and space them irregularly rather than in rows for a more natural looking effect.

How to Grow Muscari Bulbs:

1. In the Fall, choose a spot that is mostly sunny and has reasonably well-draining soil.

2. Planting muscari bulbs is fairly simple. Bulbs look much like a small onion, with wiry roots growing out of one site and a spike on the other. Plant with the roots pointing down and the spike pointing up.

4. Follow the rule of thumb when planting bulbs and give the bulbs at least 2 times their height of soil above them. Dig a 2-3 inch hole, drop the bulb into it and cover with soil. 

5. Regarding the spacing between bulbs, if planting in beds, leave approx 3 inches between each cluster of bulb. If you are planting in containers, you can space them a little closer together. 

5. After planting, water well so that the soil above the bulbs settles.

6. Muscari bulbs will flower in the Spring. After the flowers die down, the plant can enjoy a warmer rest period. You don't have to water too much during this rest period. Leaves will also die back and at this point, you can choose to tidy up the plant and remove the old leaves or just let nature take its own course.

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