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New Flower Bulb Varieties for 2016

News fresh from the fields! With thanks to our growers and breeders for their dedication and hard work, we are proud to carry an array of gorgeous new bulb varieties for Fall 2016 planting. We have selected our top 10 favorite newcomers below. We'll be adding new varieties right up until the beginning of the September 2016 shipping season so please check back soon to see our changing favorites!

Best Regards,

The DutchGrown Team

Flower Bulbs 2016
Hyacinth Tropical Waters Collection

#1 Hyacinth Tropical Waters Collection

One of our favorite new collections, Tropical Waters blends the gorgeous dark blue 'Blue Jacket' Hyacinth with the delightful 'Blue Eyes' Hyacinth which fades from pale light blue to a deeper blue as the flower matures. The effect produces a gently waving meadow of shades of blue with an intoxicating fragrance!

Hyacinth Tropical Waters Collection - from $0.41 per bulb
Tulip Harbor Light

#2 Tulip Harbor Light

With its feather like petals, this new tulip variety Harbor Light is barely recognizable as a tulip! Sure to be a favorite among tulip connoisseurs, this green and white tulip is one of our top winning introductions for 2016.

Tulip Harbor Light - from $0.80 per bulb
Tulip Spryng Break

#3 Tulip Spryng Break

Tulip Spryng Break is a cross between Darwin Hybrid & Triumph Tulip and has the best charactistics of both -strong stems and long lasting, huge flowers! Spryng Break flowers emerge as white with red flames and as the flower matures the red flames become more dominant with a creamy yellow surrounding glow. Flowers will close up for the evening and the next day when the sun comes out, they will open up once again with a stunning new coloring progress. 

Tulip Spryng Break - From $0.58 per bulb

Daffodil Golden Echo

#4 Narcissus Golden Echo

Golden Echo is one of our newest Jonquil Narcissus, with elongated cups and multiple flowers on one stem. We love its delicate coloring and light fragrance. Narcissus Golden Echo is great for mass plantings and is a good naturalizer.

Narcissus Golden Echo - From $0.34 per bulb
Tulip Pretty Princess

#5 Tulip Pretty Princess

Tulip Pretty Princess is a soft pink shade with darker pink flames that begin at the base of the petals. Pretty Princess is a new strain of the classic favorite tulip Princess Irene. It shares the same growing habits and long lasting blooms while also having the added bonus of a subtle white edge to the leaves. 

Tulip Pretty Princess - From $0.28 per bulb
Crocus Sempre Avanti Collection

#6 Crocus Sempre Avanti Collection

With pretty blue and yellow crocus flowers, it's always Spring...Sempre Avanti! This collection combines the blue striped Crocus Pickwick with Yellow Crocus for a gorgeous landscape effect.

Crocus Sempre Avanti Collection - From $0.17 per bulb
Tulip Danceline

#7 Tulip Danceline

We are very proud to list Tulip Danceline on the new varieties list for 2015. This new double tulip is certainly a variety to try out. Fall in love with its white petals with cranberry pink markings and you'll be rewarded with a soft pink blush as the flower matures. Rare variety and a great find!

Tulip Danceline - From $0.59 per bulb
Tulip Akebono

#8 Tulip Akebono

Akebono is a newly introduced tulip with a sweet, fresh fragrance. Light buttery yellow petals are delicately edged in pinkish red and the flower is supported by striking green and white striped guard petals.

Tulip Akebono - From $0.32 per bulb
Tulip Red & White Dynamite Collection

#9 Tulip Red & White Dynamite Collection

A striking tulip collection with a mix of red Kaufmanniana Showwinner tulips with white crocus Jeanne d'Arc. A great color contrast to start off the Spring season, perfect for mass and formal plantings.

Tulip Red & White Dynamite Collection - From $0.22 per bulb
Tulip Dream Touch

#10 Tulip Dream Touch

Try Tulip Dream Touch to give a definite Wow factor to your garden! Its large blooms are almost peony like with round heads and multiple petals. Color is a rich shade of deep wine burgundy purple accented with feathered white edging to the petals.

Tulip Dream Touch - From $0.60 per bulb