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Tulip clusiana Peppermint Stick

Tulip clusiana Peppermint Stick
Simple, yet beautiful, this pretty red tulip with its white edged petals is hardy and durable. Without any special care it will flower every spring if given a well-drained position.

Tulip clusiana Peppermint Stick

Simple, yet beautiful, this pretty red tulip with its white edged petals is hardy and durable. Without any special care it will flower every spring if given a well-drained position.

Quick Facts:

Botanical tulips open early, are close to the ground, and flower beautifully Botanical tulips have a natural look. They stay nice and close to the ground, and they seem to be in flower as soon as they emerge from the soil. Their bright colours make them real eye-catchers in early spring. The striped leaves of many varieties make these even more appealing. And another important thing: these ‘wild’ tulips won’t be bothered by wind and weather. The many nice characteristics of Botanical tulips In early spring, when the garden, terrace or balcony has little to offer in the way of visual interest, Botanical tulips brighten things up straightaway. These are real early birds: they bloom before any other tulips. They catch the eye not only because of their extra early flowering but also because of their inflorescence and cheery range of colours. In addition, the graceful way the flowers open and their pretty foliage make them attractive before, during and after flowering. In other words, Botanical tulips are simply bursting with nice characteristics. Just let them naturalise Many Botanical tulips can simply be left to naturalise. This means that they don’t have to be lifted from the ground every year. If you would rather take them out, however, wait until June when the foliage will have withered. Nice and sunny Botanical tulips prefer a sunny spot. In October/November, plant them with their ‘noses’ pointing upward and cover with 2,5 to 3 Inches of soil.

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Additional Information

Flower Color Red
Common Name Tulip
Botanical Name Tulipa Specie clusiana Peppermint Stick
Light Requirements Partial shade / Full sun
Bloom Time Mid to Late Spring
Estimated Mature Height 6-12" tall
Optimal planting spread 3-6" wide
Planting Season Autumn
Planting Depth 6-8 Inches deep
Soil Moisture Average


Species (Miniature) Tulips tulips can still be found in the wild. Species (Miniature) Tulips are the best tulips available for naturalizing. They like well-drained soil. Excellent for the rockgarden or an eye-catching spot in the border! Species (Miniature) Tulips have an height of 6-12 Inches. Bulb Size: 5/7 cm
In addition to the large cultivated tulips, there are also what are known as ‘botanical tulips’. These tulips are particularly suitable for garden planting since they can remain undisturbed in the soil after flowering and will emerge again next year!

Botanical tulips are also referred to as ‘wild tulips’ or ‘dwarf tulips’ due to their low height. Their height is one of the factors that makes them perfect for planting in a flower bed as well as in rock gardens and special little spots. With so many different varieties to choose from, they can create a real riot of colour in the garden or even in flower containers.

Over the years, botanical tulip varieties have often been awarded the ‘flower bulb of the year’ title. This says a lot about their rising popularity! The sizes of these bulbs are 6 to 10 cm. smaller than most tulip bulbs but their numbers will easily increase year after year. Botanical tulips are not just exceptionally beautiful flowers in their own right but can also be combined with other spring-blooming flowers.

These stunning tulips should be planted in the autumn. Choose a sunny spot for them, and you will be enjoying their profusion of flowers from April to June. You can also leave them undisturbed and they will pop up again the following year for another wonderful display.
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