When Is it Too Late To Plant Bulbs?

When Is it Too Late To Plant Bulbs?

Bulbs Bring Vibrant Color To Your Garden. But Is It Too Late To Plant Them?

If you haven’t yet quite got round to planting your flower bulbs, here’s some good
news for you - it’s not too late to plant bulbs such as tulips for a display of glowing
color. Read on to discover when it is too late to plant bulbs and give your garden a
lift next spring.

When Is It Too Late To Plant Bulbs?

In an ideal world, spring flower bulbs should be planted in fall, from September
through December. This is when they are in a period of dormancy and the soil
temperature and moisture levels are perfect for getting their roots established
before the ground freezes. But if you didn’t manage to get your bulbs planted at the
optimum time, it’s still not too late - but don’t leave it much longer!

When Is It Too Late To Plant Bulbs In The Fall?

Tulips are the bulbs you can plant the latest. As long as the ground isn’t frozen
hard, you can plant them in December and even January and they will reward you
with an explosion of colorful blooms next spring. If you live in a very cold location,
plant your tulip bulbs in pots and store them in a frost-free garage or basement
over the winter then in spring, move them into a sunny position where they will
burst into bloom.

When Is It Too Late To Plant Spring Bulbs In Cold Locations?

In zones 1 - 4 where winters are long and cold, it’s best to get your bulbs planted in September. In milder locations, (zones 4 - 7) you don’t want
bulbs to start growing too soon, so plant right up to December as long as the
ground is not frozen.

Now you've learned when is it too late to plant bulbs, all you have to do is to decide
on your favorites. Explore our fall-planted flower bulb collection, where you will find a dazzling array of bulbs to suit every location.

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