The Winner's Experience of the Trip to the Netherlands 2018
Posted by Ben Rotteveel on

(by Kathleen Lores from Philomath, OR)


Hi! I am the VERY LUCKY winner of the sweepstakes trip to Amsterdam, Holland, and what a surprise! I must thank DutchGrown for the most incredible trip of a life time. Keukenhof Gardens would be anyones dream come true to see it, 7,000,000 flower bulbs in bloom, yess you read that correctly was just a sea of beauty, for me personally I would name it the 8th wonder of the world, and a place to stand where you can look over hundreds of acres of all the tulip colors, breath taking. Ben, one of the owners, took us on a private tour to the flower fields!! We also went to the parade of flowers, also beautiful, full of fun and who doesn't love a parade!! We also took a canal tour that was wonder explaining the construction of the canals and the houses dating back to 1620! We also took a wonderful train ride through the country, I have always been a country girl so loved looking at the villages and the perfectly beautiful greenery and also seeing cows!! I shall never look at tulips again without thinking of this exceptionally beautiful country and the most helpful and wonderfully nice people. 

Winner trip to Holland

Winner trip to the Netherlands

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