Featured variety: Darwin Hybrid Tulips
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Featured variety: Darwin Hybrid Tulips

Ever since the introduction of the tulip in Europe in the 16th century, breeders have been working hard to create bigger, stronger and more colorful varieties. With the Darwin Hybrids their attempts have definitely been successful.



The Darwin Hybrid is a cross between the older Darwinii variety, named after scientist and explorer Charles Darwin, and Tulipa Fosteriana, a wild tulip discovered in central Asia and named after Sir Michael Foster, who collected these bulbs in 1904 in the mountains near Samarkand and introduced them to Europe.


A sturdy success story

The Darwin Hybrids are not only big, strong and striking, but because of their success and popularity they have become a kind of archetype-of-a-tulip, even though they are only 70 years old. Nowadays, most tulips you see in parks and public spaces are Darwin Hybrids.

For gardeners, the biggest appeal of the Darwin Hybrids (apart from their beauty) lies in their sturdiness. Their long stems and almost pyramid- shaped blooms can withstand even the windiest, rainiest spring weather.


Always at home

Another characteristic that makes them so universally beloved is that they are perfect for every goal: landscaping, mass planting, beds, borders, bouquets and vases, they feel at home everywhere. 

Blooming in early to mid-spring, Darwin Hybrids do just as well in the full sun as in partial shade. They are semi-perennial, which means that after their first year, they will come back just as beautiful once or twice more. To help them perform at their first-year level in years two and three, plant them in the full sun in extra-well-drained soil.


Top-sized beauties

Here at DutchGrown we are proud to grow this wonderful variety, only selling you the top-size bulbs that will guarantee a picture-perfect display every spring.

Let’s take a look at some the Darwin Hybrid varieties we carry:

The majority of Darwin Hybrid varieties fall somewhere in the yellow-red range, with classy classics like Tulip Red Impression.

 Tulip Red Impression


Tulip Golden Parade

Tulip Golden Parade


And beautiful bi-colored varieties like the aptly named

Tulip Apeldoorn's Elite

Tulip Apeldoorn's Elite


Or the elegantly contrasting

Tulip Banja Luka

Tulip Banja Luka


Darwin Hybrids also come in pink, from the soft

Tulip Salmon Impression

Tulip Salmon Impression

To the deep-pink

Tulip Jumbo Cherry

Tulip Jumbo Cherry



Can’t choose? We’ve made some great Darwin Hybrid Collections like the

Tulip Jumbo Darwin Mix

Tulip Jumbo Darwin Mix


Or the

Tulip Strawberry Fields Collection

Tulip Strawberry Fields Collection



Feel bold and daring? We also have some exciting outliners. Why not try the

Tulip Apricot Impression

Tulip Apricot Impression


Or the amazing

Tulip Spryng Break?

Tulip Spryng Break


Get growing today

Whatever your taste, there is always a Darwin Hybrid with your name on it. Order them on our website today, plant them this fall, and come spring these sturdy color-bombs will bring you nothing but joy!  (Oh, and their world-famous fragrance too.)

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