Planting a Coral Colored Garden with DutchGrown
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A Coral Colored Garden

Planting a coral colored garden for a sweet and romantic season

Though variety is said to be the spice of life, sometimes you want to make a powerful statement by using only one color. In this series of blogs we’ll take a look at the ways you can create a lively garden by planting a variety of bulbs from the same color family.

A coral colored garden brings soft happiness

A coral colored garden is a garden for dreamers and happy people. Not the exuberant happiness of a yellow garden but a calm, contented happiness, like a hidden smile. Other colors that are very close to coral are soft, pastel salmon and yellow-orangey apricot. In this blog we present a collection of our bulbs that bloom in that magical hue where pink, orange, yellow and white come together, a hue that is guaranteed to give your garden a sweet and dreamy atmosphere.

Planting A Coral Colored Garden

What to plant in a coral colored garden?

Coral, salmon and peach are colors most commonly found in tulips and daffodils, and you could easily fill a whole coral season with them alone. Apart from Mini Daffodil Prosecco there are no ‘purely coral’ daffodils, as the coral tones are always an accent color against larger white petals. One of the earliest Daffodils in this color is Daffodil Replete, with a heart filled with pink and salmon frills. The coral accents of Daffodil Apricot Whirl are much larger, almost as big as the white petals behind them. The peachy salmon accents of Daffodil Sunny Girlfriend seem to burst forth from the bloom’s center, gradually changing from white to a deep salmon. This is also the time Daffodil Peach Cobbler blooms, in a riot of white, yellow, orange, apricot and peach. A deep coral trumpet is the eye-catching accent of the aptly named Daffodil Accent, and the season’s last daffodil, Daffodil Precocious has a sunburst of a trumpet, in frilly salmon.

Planting A Coral Colored Garden

Tulips for a coral colored garden

Coral tulips greatly prefer mid to late spring for their blooming time, with one exception, early spring Darwin Hybrid Tulip Apricot Impression, which sports pink petals with coral edges. Tulips are great at combining an endless amount of color in just one bloom, with petals often gradually changing from one color to another. Excellent examples of this phenomenon are gold, red and salmon pink Double Tulip Copper Image, white, apricot and yellow Double Tulip Foxy Foxtrot and the absolutely stunning Double Fringed Tulip Sensual Touch. If you like your tulips a bit more understated but still very romantic, pastel-light Tulip Apricot Giant , pale peach and yellow Tulip Mango Charm and powdery pink Tulip Menton are perfect. However, if you want to go all out there’s no topping frilly peach powerhouse Tulip Brisbane, artichoke-like tulip Giant Peach or scrumptious peony Tulip Renown Unique.

Planting A Coral Colored Garden

Coral colored outliers

But daffodils and tulips aren’t the only flower bulbs that have a coral variety up their sleeve. No coral colored garden would be complete without dramatic Eremurus Romance or pretty tiny Ixia Pink. And if you don’t want to wait till next fall, or rather have your flower bulbs growing inside than outside? Christmas favorite Amaryllis also comes in a gorgeous apricot color with Amaryllis Rilona, contrasting beautifully with its dark green leaves. 

Planting A Coral Colored Garden

Dreams of a coral colored garden

Feel inspired to plant your own romantic and dreamy coral colored garden? DutchGrown has everything you need to grow a peachy paradise. Visit our easy to use website, order your favorite bulbs, and come fall we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep.

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