Where to Buy Top Quality Flower Bulbs?
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Where to Buy Top Quality Flower Bulbs?


Did you know when you buy flower bulbs the next flower bud is in the bulb already? The higher the quality of the bulb, the best chance to have a garden full of spring flowers. Usually the larger bulbs also produce larger blooms. When you buy bulbs there are some things to pay attention to. Bulbs should be firm, heavy for its size without cuts or bruises or other visible damage. Soft spots on your bulbs can indicate decay or disease and check the odor of decay. Buy only from respected bulb farmers to make sure you will receive genuine high quality flower bulbs that are blooming next spring. When you receive your bulbs, please plant them as soon as possible. If that isn’t possible the best way to keep them fresh is to open all the boxes. Store them in a dry, dark, cool place with good air circulation. The ideal temperatures are between 50 degrees and 60 degrees F, but your bulbs should be fine within a range of 40 degrees to 70 degrees F. You can delay planting for several weeks. Just keep in mind that if you want the bulbs to bloom, they must be planted before the winter starts. Here at DutchGrown.com we only sell top size flower bulbs to ensure you get the highest quality from our family farm in the Netherlands. Have a look at our beautiful assortment of bulbs.

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