Beautiful fragrant flowers for borders, pots and bowls. Our assortment Hyacinth bulbs includes the strongest varieties in every available color. We supply large flower bulbs which will give impressive flower spikes. They bloom at the same time as daffodils and some early varieties of tulips and they blend perfectly in a combined landscaping arrangement.


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Hyacinth Pink Surprise
Baby-pink is a classic color for the much-loved hyacinth, however, ‘Pink Surprise’ will surprise you with its large, densely packed...
from $0.68 each
Hyacinth Miami Mix
Blue & yellow Hyacinths blooming at the same time! This color combination will have a very classy look to the...
from $0.68 each
Hyacinth California Sunset Collection
Dark pink & yellow Hyacinths blooming at the same time! These sweet colors have a great contrast and will create that...
from $0.68 each
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