Chionodoxa Lucilea Pink Giant (Glory of the Snow) Top size bulbs

Chionodoxa Pink Giant Glory of the Snow

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Subtle and perfect in the early spring, these pretty little bulbs are a real treat to color-starved eyes. Low maintenance and easy to grow, they settle into the landscape, flowering year on year without any special care and attention.

Height 5 Inches

Bulb size: 5/+ cm.

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Deer Resistant

This product is a Deer Resistant flower bulb. Please read our blog post about deer resistant flower bulbs or see all our deer resistant flower bulbs here.

Details for Chionodoxa Lucilea Pink Giant (Glory of the Snow) How to Grow

Deer Resistant Yes
Density 20-24 per sq. ft.
Family Chionodoxa Lucilea (Glory of the Snow)
Flowering Height 5 inches
Flowering Time Late Winter/Early Spring
Naturalizing Yes
Planting Depth 3 inches
Sunlight Full Sun/Partial Shade
USDA Zones 3-8