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Tulip Wow

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Tulip 'Blue Wow' thanks its name to its enormous show. It really gives a 'WOW' effect!
This extraordinary tulip variety is the same type of tulip as Tulip Harbor Light & Tulip Ice Cream. Although these tulips are currently listed as Double Tulips, we believe that they will soon be listed in a completely new breeding class of their own. They are making tulip history!

We came across one of the Directors at the famous Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands admiring this amazing tulip variety in bloom at the Gardens. We were very surprised to see this variety in bloom for the first time, and so was he!

We like to call these new types of tulips 'Artichoke Tulips' because as the tulip emerges from its elongated bloom it really looks like a Globe Artichoke!

Tulip 'Blue Wow' is a tulip which comes the closest to a true blue colored double tulip. Once the flower emerges, the green bottom gives a spectacular effect with countless almost blue petals almost growing on top of each other.

Tulip 'Blue Wow' is a true eye-catching Tulip which we are proud to carry in our Elite Assortment!

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Cut Flower

This variety makes a great cut flower and looks stunning in bouquets. Click here to see all our flower bulbs that are great for cut flower use.

Details for Tulip Blue Wow How to Grow

Deer Resistant No
Density 5 per sq. ft.
Family Double Tulips
Flowering Height 18 inches
Flowering Time Mid - Late Spring
Fragrant No
Naturalizing No
Planting Depth 5 inches
Sunlight Full Sun/Partial Shade
USDA Zones 3-8