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Naturalizing tulip bulb collection
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We are very proud to be offering this exceptional collection of five different Miniature Tulip varieties which are known for their excellent ability to naturalize. This collection has been tried and tested and has proven to be particularly well suited for Southern States in the USA where the winter period tends to be shorter. These Miniature Tulip varieties can handle the warmer climate zones and thrive well together. Deer tend to leave Miniature Tulips alone.

We ship Top-size bulbs on all varieties for optimal performance (Essential for naturalizing purposes). Each Collection carries an equal amount of bulbs per variety.

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Deer Resistant

This product is a Deer Resistant flower bulb. Please read our blog post about deer resistant flower bulbs or see all our deer resistant flower bulbs here.


This variety is famous for its delightful fragrance. There's nothing like closing your eyes and breathing in the sweet scent of Spring! Please read our blog post about fragrant flower bulbs, or see all our fragrant flower bulbs here.

Bee Friendly

This variety attracts bees and butterflies to your garden. Bees and butterflies are the most important pollinators in North America. By planting these flower bulbs you contribute to a sustainable environment. (Researched and tested in The Netherlands)

Click here to see all flower bulbs that attract bees & butterflies.

Details for Tulip Miniature Naturalizing Collection How to Grow

Deer Resistant Yes
Density 10-12 per sq. ft.
Family Miniature Tulips
Flowering Height Up to 12 inches
Flowering Time Mid - Late Spring
Fragrant Yes
Naturalizing Yes
Planting Depth 4 inches
Sunlight Full Sun/Partial Shade
USDA Zones 3-9