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Tulip Pretty Princess Flower Bulbs Pink For Fall Planting USA
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Tulip 'Pretty Princess' is a strain of one of the most oldest & popular tulip varieties ever grown and cultivated in the Netherlands, named Tulip Princess Irene. Many different types have come out of Tulip Princess Irene such as red, yellow and even double varieties. One of our most respected growers in the Netherlands found a soft pink variety in the fields and started breeding and multiplying this new pink tulip into the newly prized variety 'Pretty Princess'. It often takes generations to produce sufficient planting stock in order to offer a new tulip to the market. After several years of testing and cultivation, we are very proud to offer this Triumph Tulip Pretty Princess to our customers. Tulip Pretty Princess has a soft pink color combined with darker pink flames starting from the bottom just like the mother variety Tulip Princess Irene. The foliage has a pure white edging which makes this tulip complete and very distinctive. Pretty Princess is a strong and sturdy plant, making this variety perfectly suitable for indoor forcing in pots or containers.

We supply top size bulbs for optimal performance 12/+ cm.

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This variety is famous for its delightful fragrance. There's nothing like closing your eyes and breathing in the sweet scent of Spring! Please read our blog post about fragrant flower bulbs, or see all our fragrant flower bulbs here.

Details for Tulip Pretty Princess How to Grow

Deer Resistant No
Density 5 per sq. ft.
Family Triumph Tulips
Flowering Height 14 inches
Flowering Time Mid - Late Spring
Fragrant Yes
Naturalizing No
Planting Depth 5 inches
Sunlight Full Sun/Partial Shade
USDA Zones 3-8