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Bi-Color Tulips

Bi-Color Tulips

Planting bi-color tulips – The power of contrast

What makes candy canes so attractive? Is it their shape? Maybe. Is it their taste? Possibly. Is it their red-and-white pattern? Definitely! Sometimes things are simply better in contrasting pairs. Where would Laurel be without Hardy? What is summer without winter? Day makes night special, and night gives day meaning.

And the same goes for colors. One color is nice to look at but not very spectacular, three colors together quickly veers into rainbow territory, but put two colors together and they just POP. Nature understands this and has given flowers their bright colors to be more visible to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. And the ones that stand out the most? Two-toned blooms. Bi-color means to be-seen.

Tulip Purple Rain

DutchGrown’s bi-color tulips

When it comes to flower bulbs, it’s especially tulips that have embraced the beauty and drama of bi-color blooms. At DutchGrown we like our flowers to wow people, and with this selection of bicolor tulips we feel we’ve definitely achieved the desired effect.

The earliest bi-color tulips

We begin the season with a double contrast: Not only are these two tulips two-toned, they’re also each other’s opposite. Tulip Candy Apple Delight has dark red petals with white edges, while Tulip Apeldoorn’s Elite sports crimson petals with feathery yellow edges.

Bi-color tulips in mid spring

Whereas the bi-color tulips of early spring were quite friendly in their contrast, Tulip Down Jones goes all out with vibrant, almost glossy red petals with a golden edge. Another bi-color tulip that takes red and yellow to a whole new level is Tulip Helmar, where the blooms have yellow, pointy petals with fiery red flames.

Next to yellow and red, white and purple is also a favorite color pairing. As its name already gives a way, Tulip Flaming Flag has white petals with lilac-purple flames. Tulips Cummins is very special with lavender-purple petals with frilly white edges, and Tulip Affaire’s petals are ivory white, with a broad purple border.

Mid spring is also the time when a third color combination blooms: red and white. Here we have opulent gilded-age flowers like Tulip Carnival de Nice with blooms that look like a strawberry sundae, Tulip World Expression with snowy white petals with dramatic cerise flames, and Tulip Drumline, a double peony tulip with long, rounded red petals with white edging.

Tulip Dow Jones

Bi-color tulips in late spring and early summer

Towards the end of the season, bi-color tulips get pointy. Miniature Tulip Tinka has petals that are yellow on the inside and a tapering red on the outside, and hardy Miniature Tulip Clusiana Peppermint Stick sports raspberry red petals with ice-cream white edges. Elegant late bloomer Tulip China Town has baby pink petals brushed with green.

Tulip Affaire

A box of bi-color tulips

All these stunning bicolor tulips bulbs can be yours at the click of a mouse. Just visit our website and order the ones you like best, and we’ll make sure you’ll get them at the optimum planting time for your area, guaranteeing a spring display that delights everyone who sees it.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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