We are proud to offer giant sized 8cm+ ranunculus bulbs for large blooms on tall, straight stems with a massive amount of flowers produced per bulb. DutchGrown™ is the only shop where you can buy ranunculus bulbs in this jumbo size!

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Ranunculus Bulbs (Buttercups) - Buy online at DutchGrown™

We have a large selection of ranunculus bulbs, including the most popular ranunculus colors and largest sizes. Ranunculus make the ultimate addition to the summer garden, especially as a perennial. The double flowered, layered petals create a rose-like bloom, available in an array of different colors. When planted in the spring, Ranunculus bulbs will bloom from late spring continuously for 4-6 weeks.
DutchGrown Merlot Ranunculus Flower Bulbs

Ranunculus Merlot

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