Dichelostemma (Firecracker Flower)

This flower bulb type comes from North California and Oregon, where it grows in coniferous and mixed forests, it is a plant for a warm, sunny border in free-draining soil. Loved by hummingbirds!

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Dichelostemma, also known as Firecracker Flower

Dichelostemma, native to North California and Oregon

Prized and desired for its unusual and showy flowers, Dichelostemma, also known as Firecracker Flower. Spectacular when planted en masse, the Firecracker Flower is also a great choice for adding an unusual or sculptural element to a garden or landscape. Buy Dichelostemma Ida-Maia (Firecracker Flower) flower bulbs at wholesale prices from DutchGrown for Fall delivery and planting.