Red Hot Poker

The popular perennials, Red Hot Pokers, are easy to grow and beloved for their striking, spikey flowers. Also known as ‘Torch Lilies’ and ‘Kniphofia’, these fantastic, bright blooms sit atop their tall, strong stems, making a statement in the summer garden. Our number 1 top sized bareroot plants are ready to be planted right away to start their growth.

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  1. Red Hot Poker Citrina

    Red Hot Poker Citrina

    On Sale from $11.85 $9.48

  2. Red Hot Poker Uvaria

    Red Hot Poker Uvaria

    On Sale from $17.85 $14.28

  3. Red Hot Poker Breeders Mix

    Red Hot Poker Breeders Mix

    On Sale from $19.75 $15.80