Hyacinthoides (Spanish Bluebells)

Hyacinthoides Hispanica or Spanish Bluebells is a large genus in the Hyacinthaceae family with most species found in Europe, North Africa and western to central Africa. Spanish Bluebells are great for borders and fast at naturalizing if left undisturbed. Spanish Bluebells flower bulbs are very fragrant and pollinators love them.

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Planting Spanish Bluebell Bulbs

Hyacinthoides Hispanica is the ultimate easy-to-grow, low-maintenance Spring bulb that really packs a punch when settled into its happy spot. A prolific naturalizer, these popular beauties multiply and spread easily, by both bulb offsets (baby bulbs on the sides of the mother bulb you’ve planted) and by self-seeding, returning year on year in even greater numbers. Spanish Bluebells tolerate shady conditions but thrive best in sun-dappled, part shade areas. Once planted they require little care or maintenance, and when planted in drifts produce a stunning and dramatic Springtime display in a relatively short time.

Where to plant Spanish Bluebell bulbs

Spanish Bluebells in all their color variations, be it blue, white or pink, provide great ground cover and beautiful color and contrast to a woodland garden, the front of borders, in rockeries as well as in wild or naturalized areas of gardens. Because of their excellent naturalizing properties, Hyacinthoides Hispanica are especially effective when planted in large drifts under deciduous trees or at the edges of woodland gardens. Surprisingly versatile, Spanish Bluebells can also be grown effectively in pots and containers, either alone or in combination with other contrasting Spring flowering bulbs. They also make a delightful cut flower. 

Spanish Bluebell bulbs for sale in the USA

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