Chionodoxa Luciliae (Glory of the Snow)

Chionodoxa self-seed freely under trees or shrubs and are one of the earliest bulbs to bloom in the Spring. They are excellent for rock gardens, in the front of raised beds or they can be forced indoors. Excellent naturalizers!

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Chionodoxa bulbs – the natural naturalizers

Once your Chionodoxa bulbs have found their happy spot and they have had time to mature, they will start to self-propagate, or naturalize. This happens when little ‘bulblets’ or ‘bulbils’ grow on the sides of the mother bulb - these are what is known as bulb offsets. You can choose to leave them in the ground and let the flowers spread and increase where they have been planted, or, if you wish, in the Fall, after the foliage has died back, you can gently lift the bulbs and detach the offsets, snapping or pulling them away from the parent, and then plant them elsewhere in your garden. Smaller offsets may need to be potted in rich soil and protected over Winter, larger offsets can be planted directly into the ground.

Where to plant Chionodoxa bulbs

Chionodoxa bulbs are very versatile. Glory of the Snow looks fantastic when planted en mass and makes a great choice for naturalizing in lawns and under trees and shrubs; when planted in large quantities the flowers create a striking carpet of color. Chionodoxa bulbs are also very well suited to rockeries or at the front of raised beds. Chionodoxa lucilea bulbs are a superb companion for other early bloomers such as tulips, muscari, hyacinths and narcissi.

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