Dramatic and easy to grow: Fritillaria Bulbs. We offer the best online collection of wholesale Fritillaria Flower Bulbs shipped to you from the best growers in Holland. Our Fritillaria Bulbs are harvested the old fashioned way: BY HAND. Buy Fritillaria Bulbs online at bulk pricing with DutchGrown and save. We ship our Fritillaria Bulbs in Fall.


Fritillaria Uva-Vulpis (Fox's Grape Fritillary)
Characterized by purple bell-shaped pendulous flowers with striking yellow tips, this subtle beauty is quite the performer. Despite its delicate...
from $0.32 each
Fritillaria Persica (Persian Lily)
This very striking Fritillaria, commonly known as the 'Persian Lily', creates a focal point in your spring garden. Numerous dark...
from $6.25 each
Fritillaria Meleagris
Fritillaria Meleagris also known as the snakeshead fritillary. Create a flower-meadow effect in the springtime with these low-growing Fritillarias in a...
from $0.38 each
Fritillaria imp. Rubra Maxima - Crown Imperial Red
Give your spring garden an exotic look when the red Fritillaria (or Crown Imperial - Fritillaria Imperialis) is in bloom....
from $6.25 each
Fritillaria imp. Lutea Maxima - Crown Imperial Yellow
Prize winner Fritillaria imperialis Maxima Lutea has very striking golden yellow exotic flowers. The yellow bell-shaped flowers and the high-quality...
from $6.25 each
Fritillaria Raddeana
Plant Fritillaria Raddeana this fall and your spring garden will be in the spotlight! This unique and newly enhanced Fritillaria...
from $8.25 each