Ranunculus (Italian)

Explore the allure of Italian Ranunculus and bring a touch of Italian romance to your garden and/or floral displays. The ultimate growing guide for Italian Ranunculus you can find here. We recommend to plant Italian Ranunculus in the Fall in zone 8-10. In all other zones you should wait until late winter or early spring to plant ranunculus bulbs.

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Italian Ranunculus

Discover the captivating beauty of Italian Ranunculus flowers. Learn how to grow Italian Ranunculus by reading the How-to-Guide in our blog. Grown in Italy and known for their exceptional quality, Italian Ranunculus are a wonderful choice for adding vibrant color and beauty to your garden. These special Ranunculus strains are tissue culture grown from carefully selected plants to ensure they represent the best selection available on the market. One of the notable characteristics of Italian ranunculus is its genetic advances. Through selective breeding and cultivation techniques, these ranunculus varieties have undergone improvements that set them apart. They exhibit higher productivity, which means you can expect a larger number of flowers per plant, resulting in a more magnificent bud show. In addition, the Italian ranunculus has longer and sturdier stems, making it more suitable for cut flower arrangements or bouquets. The increased stem strength means the flowers are more resilient to transport and handling, ensuring their beauty is maintained from garden to vase. Another notable improvement is the improved homogeneity of Italian ranunculus. This means that the plants of a given strain will exhibit greater uniformity in growth habit, flower size and colour. This uniformity contributes to a more harmonious and visually appealing garden or flower display. In addition, the Italian ranunculus features larger flowers that are adorned with an abundance of petals. These voluminous flowers are eye-catching and will add a touch of luxury to any landscape or arrangement. When you choose Italian ranunculus, you can reap the benefits of these genetic advances and have the confidence that you're growing some of the finest and most intriguing ranunculus strains on the market. Bring the beauty and charm of Italy into your garden with these extraordinary blooms.