Eranthis (Winter Aconite)

Since these species originated in a wooded habitat, they require a loose soil with sufficient. They can start flowering as early as February. The flowers are similar to buttercups and have very short stems, they open only when the sun shines, closing during dark weather. Very early! "Groundhog day? These guys really predict the end of winter"

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Winter Aconite, is one of the earliest Spring bulbs

Eranthis Hyemalis, also known as Winter Aconite, is one of the earliest Spring bulbs to make an appearance – even before crocuses. This charming, flat-growing perennial is actually a member of the buttercup family and is characterized by its bright yellow, buttercup-like flowers that are surrounded by a collar of fresh green leaves. Awarded the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society, Eranthis Hyemalis (Winter Aconite) makes a fantastic addition to rock gardens, flower beds and woodland gardens, and is the perfect companion for snowdrops. Buy Eranthis Hyemalis (Winter Aconite) flower bulbs at wholesale prices from DutchGrown for Fall delivery and planting.