Jumbo Amaryllis

DutchGrown is proud to say that we are the expert in shipping large jumbo sized Amaryllis bulbs at wholesale pricing. We only ship Amaryllis Bulbs which were imported from Holland. Our bulbs are not only superb performers, with a bulbs size of 32+cm these amaryllis bulbs will produce at least four stems with each stem bearing at least 4 flowers. Please note: We start shipping our amaryllis bulbs by the end of October.

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we supply jumbo sized amaryllis bulbs

The DutchGrown amaryllis bulbs for sale – where size matters

When it comes to amaryllis bulbs, bigger is better and at DutchGrown™ we are proud to say that we are the experts in shipping the largest jumbo-sized amaryllis bulbs. Our amaryllis bulbs, which are all imported from Holland, are not only superb performers, but with a bulb size of 32+cm will produce at least three to four stems, with each stem bearing at least 4 flowers. For anybody looking to buy Dutch amaryllis bulbs in the USA, look no further than DutchGrown™. 

Amaryllis bulbs – deceptively easy to grow

Few bulbs are easier to grow than amaryllis, and few are so rewarding. All an amaryllis bulb asks for is good potting soil, regular watering and some bright, indirect sunlight. But did you know that there is another way of planting amaryllis? Instead of soil, you may choose to plant your amaryllis bulb simply in water. This hydroponic method creates a beautiful display and is easier than you may think. Just fill a clear vase or pot with a layer of stones or pebbles, add the amaryllis bulb, then add more stones around it for stability, and finally add water just below the bulb, but quite not touching it - as the Dutch like to say ‘close enough so the roots can smell the water’. Once growth begins, make sure the pot is placed somewhere bright and sunny. 

Buy top-quality Amaryllis bulbs for delivery anywhere in the USA

At DutchGrown™ we have four generations of experience under our belt and have proven ourselves to be the number one choice for anyone looking for Dutch amaryllis bulbs for sale, whether you are looking to buy bulk amaryllis bulbs for sale, or more modest numbers. Whatever your needs, you will find the Dutch amaryllis bulbs for sale at DutchGrown™ are of the highest quality, and we only supply top-sized bulbs, ensuring optimum performance. Enjoy our amazing collection which includes a number of unique and elite varieties, and some carefully curated collections.