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How To Care For Amaryllis?

How To Care For Amaryllis?

How To Care For Amaryllis?

Some Of The Easiest Bulbs To Grow, Amaryllis Are Also Amongst The Most Beautiful Flowers

Amaryllis are one of the most popular indoor bulbs and their huge, lily-like blooms
in shades of red, pink, apricot, yellow, and white are a welcome sight during winter
and spring. A favorite with florists and gardeners alike, they make a fabulous
holiday centerpiece.

How To Care For Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs will bloom about 6 - 8 weeks after you plant them. You can plant
them at any time over the fall and winter but if you want them to bloom for the
holidays you should plant the bulbs in early to mid-November. Choose a pot just big enough for the bulb and plant it so that the tip is showing above the soil. Water well once to settle it in and afterward keep the soil just damp. Place the amaryllis in a bright spot and turn the pot regularly as the stem starts to grow.

How To Care For Amaryllis After They Finish Blooming

Remove faded blooms but allow the leaves to develop. They will grow through the
spring and die back at the end of summer. Allow the bulb to dry out and place the
pot in a dark cool spot for 10 -12 weeks. Then bring it back to life by watering it
and moving it back into the light where it will burst into bloom again.

Amaryllis Care Outdoors

If you live in climate zones 9 - 11, you can plant amaryllis outdoors. Choose a
sunny location with well-drained soil and plant any time between September
through April. Plant the bulbs 8” - 12” apart and with 1” of the bulb peeking above
the surface of the soil. Water well and the bulbs should bloom by mid-spring. After
blooming, leave the foliage to grow through the summer and die back in fall. Your
amaryllis should then bloom again next spring.

Now that you’ve learned how to care for amaryllis and how easy it is to grow these
showy beauties, explore our amaryllis collection to choose your favorites.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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