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How to Water Amaryllis for Magnificent Blooms?

How to Water Amaryllis for Magnificent Blooms?

How to Water Amaryllis for Magnificent Blooms?

Learn About Amaryllis Watering for the Most Magnificent Blooms You Can Grow

Bold and beautiful, the amaryllis is one of the most popular fall planted flower bulbs
to grow indoors. Amaryllis are very easy to grow and quick to bloom, cheering the
winter months with flamboyant color.

Amaryllis Watering Instructions

When you first receive your amaryllis bulb, plant it in a pot that fits it snugly -
amaryllis like to be cramped. Add a little soil to the pot and set the bulb on it then
add more soil so that the top inch of the bulb is still visible above the surface.
Water lightly and place the pot in a warm bright room, and a stem with a bud will
soon appear. Keep the soil just moist; too much watering will cause the bulb to rot.
Your amaryllis will bloom within 6 - 8 weeks after planting.

Amaryllis Watering Frequency After Blooming

Remove faded blooms and cut back the stems but allow the leaves to continue to
grow. Keep watering enough to keep the soil moist and feed with a bulb fertilizer.
In the summer, you can move the amaryllis to a sunny spot outside. In late
summer, bring the bulb indoors and reduce watering, allowing the bulb to dry out.
Remove the shriveled leaves and move the pot to a cool dark place such as a
basement or closet for 8 weeks. Then move it back to a warm, sunny spot and start
watering again. Your amaryllis will bloom again in 6 - 8 weeks.

Amaryllis Watering Schedule to Time Blooming for the Holidays

Amaryllis need at least 8 weeks of rest or dormancy before they bloom, so to get
your plants to bloom for the holidays, stop watering in early September and store them in a dark location, then start watering again and move them into a warm room at the end of October.

Follow our tips for amaryllis watering and create a stunning holiday centerpiece. To
choose your favorites, explore our amaryllis collection, where you’ll discover all the most sought after varieties plus some exclusive Elite bulbs.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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