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Bulb Planting Tool

Bulb Planting Tool

Bulb Planting Tool

Make Light Work Of Planting Flower Bulbs With A Bulb Planting Tool

Whether you’re planting a multitude of spring flower bulbs for a mass display or
just a few to create a focal point in the garden, you can naturally just use a trowel,
spade, or shovel. However, using a bulb planter will make things easier and really
speed up the task. A bulb planter also helps to ensure that every bulb is planted
deep enough. Here, we’re taking a look at the options for bulb planting tools.

Types Of Bulb Planting Tools

The most basic type of bulb planter is simply a trowel with a narrow blade that is
marked with various measurements so you can be sure of planting your bulbs at
the correct depth. Dig down into the soil and twist it to create a hole. If you are
planting more than just a few bulbs, a spring-loaded bulb planter is a good choice.
If you want to avoid stooping, look out for long-handled bulb planting tools.

How Do You Use A Bulb Planting Tool?

To use a spring-loaded bulb planter, simply push it onto the soil and pull up the
handle. This removes a core of soil creating the perfect sized hole for your bulb.
Drop in the bulb then release the handle to drop the soil back in the hole. Using this
type of bulb planter can place strain on the hands so if you’re planting a lot of
bulbs, consider a bulb planter attached to a drill.

Using a Bulb Planting Tool For Drill

A bulb planter or bulb auger that you can attach to a ⅜” drill is a great investment
for keen gardeners. Attach the tool to your drill, engage the soil and switch on: you
can quickly create a hole just the right diameter and depth for any type of bulb.
Using a bulb planter or a bulb auger makes the task of getting your bulbs in the
ground so much quicker and easier. Check out our bulb auger and make the bulb
planting season even more enjoyable.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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