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How To Care For Hyacinth Indoors?

How To Care For Hyacinth Indoors?

How To Care For Hyacinth Indoors?

Enjoy Glorious Color and Fragrance In The Winter By Growing Hyacinths Indoors

You don't have to wait for spring to enjoy the rich colors and heavenly fragrance of
hyacinths: plant them in pots to brighten your home through the dark winter days.
Hyacinths are one of the most popular spring flower bulbs for growing indoors.
Follow our tips on hyacinth care indoors for a successful display.

Hyacinth Care Indoors

To grow hyacinths indoors, the bulbs need to be chilled for 6-10 weeks in a cold
location such as refrigerator, garage or basement. Some hyacinths have been pre-
chilled and you can plant these straight away. Plant the hyacinths in fall; choose a
shallow container so that the tips of the bulbs show about 1” above the surface of
the soil. Water lightly and keep in a dark location for 8-10 weeks until the shoots
are about 2” high. Then move into a cool bright spot where the blooms will soon

Hyacinth Care Indoors In Water

Unlike other bulbs, hyacinths don't actually need any soil to bloom. You can grow
them in gravel or in water in a hyacinth glass or vase. Fill the glass with water and
set the bulb in the neck. Keep in a dark location for several weeks and the hyacinth
will send roots down into the water. Move into a bright but cool spot when the
shoots are a few inches tall.

How To Care For Hyacinth Indoors After Flowering?

After blooming, allow the foliage to remain through the spring and summer until it
dies back. Then pull it away, dig up the hyacinths and store them in a cool dry
place until replanting in fall. However, hyacinths grown indoors are unlikely to
bloom again as successfully as in their first season so many gardeners prefer to
discard them after blooming and choose fresh bulbs each fall.

Whether you’re planting hyacinths for yourself or as a delightful gift for someone
special, their colors, shapes, and magical fragrance will gladden your eye and lift
your spirits this winter. Now that you've learned about hyacinth care indoors,
explore our fabulous hyacinth collection and choose your favorites!

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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