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Paperwhites – Fun, Elegant and Easy

Paperwhites – Fun, Elegant and Easy

Paperwhites – fun, elegant and easy

Paperwhite narcissus bulbs produce gorgeous blooms and they’re tons of fun. They’re extraordinarily easy to grow, so they make a great plant for beginners and especially children.

Kids, grown ups and interior decor
Kids will learn valuable lessons about nature and have plenty of fun watching their paperwhites grow. Since getting great results from paperwhites is child's play, adults who lack ‘green fingers’ enjoy them just as much. Forcing them in pots, bowls or vases is easy, so you can have flowers all through the winter, provided you can give them enough light.

Paperwhites in pots and vases
There’s so much you can do with potted paperwhites! They flower within three to six weeks after planting depending on the cultivar you choose and the temperatures they’re exposed to. Plant a fresh batch every two to three weeks to see the winter through with deliciously fragrant indoor blooms. You can also force them in bowls or vases if preferred, and the effect created by a mass of paperwhites in a glass vase is simply gorgeous.

Tips and tricks
The first thing you need to know about paperwhites is that they prefer being planted close together. If you pack the pot or vase with bulbs, they’re less likely to become floppy and they create a more striking display. If you’d like to try forcing them in a vase, choose one that is at least 3 to 4 inches deep and line the bottom with stones, marbles or gravel. If you’re using a glass vase, semi-precious stones or marbles are really pretty options. Pack your bulbs in as tightly as you can and then add a sprinkling of your chosen substrate to fill up any gaps. Now add enough water to reach the base of the bulbs. Don’t submerge them in water, or they might rot. Once the roots begin to develop, move your vase or pot to a sunny position. You want strong light, but not too much heat.

Indoor Narcissus Paperwhite Inbal
Here comes the clever tip!
Once the leaves have emerged, buy your bulbs a drink to celebrate! Sometimes, paperwhites become floppy. One part vodka to seven parts water, stunts them slightly. If you’re growing them in a vase, replace the water with an alcohol laced drink. This makes for happy paperwhites! If you’re growing them in pots, add some alcohol to the water to keep them growing merrily, but not too exuberantly.

Cultivar examples
If you love Paperwhites but you don't like the fragrance Indoor Narcissus Paperwhite ‘Inbal’ is the one. White simplicity personified – another classic choice that brings a touch of spring into your winter!

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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