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Planting a Purple Garden

Planting a Purple Garden

Planting a Purple Garden

Mystery, Wealth and Wisdom – Planting a Purple Garden

Variety is the spice of life, but there are times when you want to make powerful statement by focusing on just one color. In this blog series we’ll look at how you can plant a vibrant garden by planting different bulbs of the same color family.

No ordinary color

When you look at the qualities associated with purple, it becomes clear that if colors were people, purple would be the older, wiser aunt of the family. Not for her the hyperactive enthusiasm of yellow or the passion of red, but instead wisdom and wealth, as well as power and ambition. Purple has historically been associated with royalty and nobility, the color of the clothes of the elite. An important reason for this association is that for the longest time purple dye was incredibly hard to come by. Its only source was a tiny sea snail called Murex, and tens of thousands of them were needed to make enough dye for just one robe.

Tulip Purple Prince

Magic & star signs

Purple also symbolizes magic and mystery, because it’s very close to black but without the negative connotations. If you want your garden to evoke the feeling of a fortune teller’s boudoir, nature has plenty of deep purple, velvety blooms you can play with. And just like months have birthstones, they also have their own colors, with purple being the color of the month of February. Not born that early in the year? Purple is also the color of the star sign Sagittarius.

Tulip Purple Rain

Purple for pollinators

Lastly, purple is a color that bees, butterflies and other pollinators love, so by planting a purple garden you are also helping these important insects. Ready to turn your garden into a purple paradise? You’re in luck, because nature really loves this color and Dutch Grown has many beautiful options to choose from.

Crocus Remembrance

Purple decor

Tulips are the backbone of your purple garden. One of the earliest purple tulips is violet Tulip Purple Prince, followed by lilac Tulip Alibi. In mid-spring violet-blue Tulip Blue Aimable appears, together with double Tulip Blue Diamond and parrot Tulip Blue Parrot. In late spring, lilac Tulip Magic Lavender, pink-purple Tulip Negrita and opulent double Tulip Dream Touch create a perfect end to a purple season.

Early bloomers

The very early flower bulbs also all come in a purple version: Crocus Remembrance, Crocus Pickwick and Chionodoxa Lucilea Violet Beauty are among the first to bloom, swiftly followed by mid-spring favorites like beetroot purple Hyacinth Woodstock and dark purple Hyacinth Miss Saigon, as well as cute little Fritillaria Meleagris.


Many purple flower bulbs bloom quite late, which means you can make the season last a long time. In mid- to late spring Dutch Iris Purple Sensation blooms together with funky Dichelostemma Ida Maia. The final purples of the season are happy Ixia Purple, eye catching Allium Purple Sensation and lilac-blue Allium Azureum.

Hyacinth Woodstock

Purple Garden Ideas

Fill your garden with the full range of purple, from tenderest lilac to deepest plum. DutchGrown is the place to be for top-size bulbs that guarantee stunning flowers. Visit our website and order your favorite purple flower bulbs today, for timely fall delivery.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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