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The Sweet Scent of Tulips, Daffodils & Hyacinths

The Sweet Scent of Tulips, Daffodils & Hyacinths

Have you ever traveled to the flower fields? During springtime there are lots of them in The Netherlands. The beautiful sweet perfume fills the air and it is pure joy to bike or walk next to the fields! It is a flower festival for the eyes and for the nose! Imagine a lovely spring day, you are walking around or working in your garden and suddenly you smell the beautiful sweet perfume of some spring flowers. It is one of the joyful moments at spring! Not all tulips and daffodils have a distinctive fragrance but some have a wonderful delightful scent. We have selected six sweetly scented varieties for you.

Tulip 'Showwinner' - You will notice this tulip by its red colour of this beautiful variety. It blooms perfect, long shaped and has sturdy stems. The petals are dark red towards the central vein, fading to a bright crimson towards the edges.

Tulip 'Monte Carlo' - Are you going for gold? The clear, pure gold blooms of this striking tulip will add its riches to your landscape or cut flower range with ease. A wealth of blooms awaits you when you invest in this superb variety.

Tulip ‘Daydream’ - Subtly shaded orange petals adorn this striking hybrid tulip. At first, the flowers appear to be clear orange, but a closer look reveals the subtle shading of colour hidden in these dreamy blooms. This is the perfect hybrid to brighten up the spring.

Daffodil ‘Bridal Crown’ - This daffodil is excellent for the rockgardens, borders, beds, window boxes and for naturalizing. Delightful multi-headed daffodil with a great fragrance.

Mini Daffodil 'Quail' - This variety has full, golden yellow flowers and multiple flowers per stem. This freely flowering plant combines the grace of the narcissus with an easy landscape performance, requiring no special care to induce flowering every spring. The strong and sweet fragrance will attract lots of butterflies in the early Spring! This variety easily blooms 4-5 weeks!

All hyacinths! - Beautiful fragrant flowers for borders, pots and bowls. Our assortment Hyacinth bulbs includes the strongest varieties in every available color. We supply large flower bulbs which will give impressive flower spikes. They bloom at the same time as daffodils and some early varieties of tulips and they blend perfectly in a combined landscaping arrangement. Where to find the best spot for scented Flower Bulbs? These flower bulb varieties are perfect to grow in your garden; they give a lovely perfume to their surroundings. Place them near a bench, along paths to smell the fragrance when you are walking around your garden. Or place them in a flowerbed near a window or doorway so a breeze or air will fill the room with lovely scents. Plant these flower bulbs in a large pot near the front door of your house; it will give a warm welcome for sure. Another possibility is to have one flowerbed dedicated for cutting and place them in a vase at your house. Find more of these ideas or tips at our Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram page.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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