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When Do Irises Bloom?

When Do Irises Bloom?

When Do Irises Bloom?

Enjoy Colorful Irises, All Season Long

Irises are much appreciated by gardeners for the bright color they bring to the garden, but they look equally lovely as cut flowers in a spring bouquet. Irises are one of the earliest, as well as the latest, spring flower bulbs to bloom in the garden and by planting different types of iris, you can extend the blooming season for many weeks.

When Do Dwarf Irises Bloom?

Dwarf irises bloom very early in the spring. They do best in a spot that receives the sun for at least half the day, so are ideal for planting under deciduous trees and shrubs that will still have bare branches at this time of year. Their rich blue petals show intricate markings, so don't forget to plant some in pots for the verandah or patio where you can admire them close up.

When Do Dutch Irises Bloom?

Dutch iris bulbs should also be planted in fall and will produce leaves the following spring, followed by the blooming period during May. Dutch irises look lovely combined with other late spring bulbs such as tulips and narcissi. Remove the blooms as they fade, but leave the foliage to dry and shrivel naturally at the end of the summer as this will encourage the bulbs to bloom again.

When Do Bearded Irises Bloom?

The iris season comes to a finale with the majestic bearded irises that flower at the end of May through June. Because they form large clumps, bearded irises are often grown in a dedicated bed or border that receives full sun, allowing them to receive the summer baking that they enjoy. The best time to plant new bearded iris or to divide old clumps is between July and September after the plants have finished blooming.

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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