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When to Plant Bulbs?

When to Plant Bulbs?

When to Plant Bulbs?

Plan Ahead for Your Spring Garden and Find out When to Plant Bulbs in Your Area

When Is The Best Time To Plant Bulbs?

The right timing is essential when planting bulbs. For a beautiful spring garden, you need to plan ahead and plant your flower bulbs in the fall. All spring-flowering bulbs need to be planted when the soil is still slightly warm and moist; this helps the bulbs to get established before the ground freezes.

Flower bulbs also need several weeks at cooler temperatures if they are to give a good display next spring. However, fall doesn’t occur at the same time in the North East of the United States as it does in the Coastal South, so how do you decide when to plant bulbs? Follow our guide and you’ll be enjoying gorgeous blooms when spring arrives.

When To Plant Bulbs in Cooler Areas?

The easiest way to work out when to plant bulbs is to refer to the USDA hardiness zone map as a guide to planting. In zones 1 - 4, the coldest areas, bulbs grow best if they are planted in the early fall so that their roots are well established before the ground freezes.

A thick layer of snow will help to protect the bulbs from freezing temperatures but if snow cover is sparse, it’s advisable to mulch the bed or border with a layer of 3” - 4” of shredded leaves, straw or hay to protect the bulbs through the winter.

When To Plant Blubs in Warmer Areas?

In zones 9 - 11, the areas with the warmest winters, bulbs such as daffodils, hyacinths and most tulips will need an additional 8 -10 weeks of chilling in a refrigerator before planting if they are to bloom well. Alternatively, small-flowered botanical tulips should bloom without chilling as they originate in warm regions. Because the ground rarely freezes in these zones, flower bulbs can be planted late in December or even in January.

When planning your spring garden, why not take advantage of our early bird discounts and pre-order your bulbs? If you’re not sure when to plant them, just check the “Let DutchGrown decide” box and we’ll ship them at the best time for planting in your zone.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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