Our bulb collections feature custom-blended mixes of flower bulbs that have been tried and tested to work perfectly together and bloom simultaneously. We have created clever combinations of different varieties of flower bulbs that enhance each other wonderfully and also carry same species combos with spectacular blends of colors and shades. Bulb collections are well suited for landscaping and large plantings.


Tulip Alabama Collection
What a contrast! True black tulips combined with an apricot shadow. Two late tulip varieties blooming the same time. They...
from $0.37 each
Tulip Rome Collection
True flaming varieties, Tulip 'Grand Perfection' combined with Tulip 'Princess Irene' will have a royal look to any landscape. Perfect...
from $0.42 each
Hyacinth Tropical Waters Collection
Get the soft tropical ocean colors into your landscape by trying out dark blue combined with a light blue Hyacinth. Hyacinth...
from $0.72 each
Tulip Shades of Purple Collection
Two beautiful tulips from the dark and light purple color palette. It is as if the shadow of every light...
from $0.38 each
Tulip Emperor Collection
Fosteriana Tulips are also known as the 'Emperor Tulips'. Emperor Tulips are known for their elongated flowers and are one of the...
from $0.38 each
Tulip Double Glamour Collection
Definitely one of our most unique tulip bulb collections. This blend consists out of double tulip Harbor Light and double...
from $1.18 each
Allium Around the Globe Collection
Our 'Around the Globe Collection', first introduced in 2014, is a great combo of the largest Allium varieties available. Their...
from $5.25 each
Tulip Ice Cream Collection™
We are proud to offer you this fantastic collection of Ice Cream tulips. The large double, peony-like flowers, now available...
from $3.45 each
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