We ship our Daffodil Bulbs in the Fall. Please order as far in advance as possible in order to secure availability on specific daffodil and narcissus varieties. Our Daffodils are shipped out between September through December. Our aim is to offer the largest collection of wholesale daffodil bulbs online with many unique varieties!


Daffodil Decoy
Daffodil Decoy has pure white petals with a very dark orange red cup. A striking variety! Great for massive planting...
from $0.57 each
Daffodil Precocious
This variety is a new addition to our assortment and has a very curly cup with white petals. We believe...
from $0.62 each
Daffodil Green Garden
Daffodil 'Green Garden' is a great reverse bi-color. Bi-color daffodils have white petals and a yellow trumpet like daffodil 'Attraction'...
from $0.72 each
Daffodil Kedron
Golden outer petals with a cup of amber central petals add color and interest to this attractive daffodil. Ideal for...
from $0.32 each
Mini Daffodil Jetfire
This yellow Mini Daffodil with its orange central petals just keeps on giving. Not only does it produce a multitude...
from $0.29 each
Daffodil Fortissimo
The intense color of this daffodil variety ensures that it will be a real attention getter. Daffodil Fortissimo has bright golden...
from $0.52 each
Daffodil Accent
The outer petals of Daffodil Accent are pure white and the central cup combines a harmony of soft pink turning...
from $0.41 each
Daffodil Cassata
Most people would do a double-take before they realize that this plant is a narcissus! The unusual blooms have an...
from $0.53 each
Daffodil Ice Follies
One of the showgirls of the spring, this exciting daffodil contrasts pure white outer petals with an extra-ruffled, full inner...
from $0.47 each
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