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How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs?

How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs?

How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs?

When the sunny yellow, orange and white blooms of daffodils and narcissus appear, it’s a sure sign that spring’s arrived. Even better, daffodils are one of the easiest fall-planted flower bulbs to grow. Daffodils come back year after year and planting daffodil bulbs is a quick way to bring color to your spring garden.

Plant Daffodil Bulbs to Brighten Your Spring Garden

The cheerful golden blooms of daffodils are a true sign that spring has arrived! From a drift of daffodils in the garden to fragrant narcissus that you can grow indoors, there are so many varieties to choose from. Read our guide to learn how to plant daffodil bulbs for a burst of spring color in your garden.

How To Plant Daffodils

Daffodils grow well in most areas of North America. Plant the bulbs in fall about 6
weeks before the ground freezes, any time between September and November
depending on your location. You can plant daffodil bulbs in a bed or border and they also look gorgeous naturalized in lawns. Choose a sunny spot that does not get too waterlogged and plant the bulbs at least 4" deep and 3" - 4" apart.

Planting daffodil bulbs step-by-step:

  1. Daffodil bulbs can be planted any time between September to November before the soil has frozen.
  2. Choose a sunny or partially shaded site and a spot where the soil will not get too soggy, as the bulbs may rot.
  3. They look lovely in groups in borders and can also be naturalized in grass or under trees.
  4. Dig a hole or trench and plant them at twice the depth of the bulb and 4" - 8" apart.
  5. Water them well and continue to water to keep the soil moist until it rains.

Planting Daffodil Bulbs In Pots Outdoors

Daffodils and narcissus make fabulous subjects for spring pots and containers. You can really cram in the bulbs for a dense display; just make sure the bulbs aren’t
touching. For a longer blooming period, try the Dutch “bulb lasagna” technique.
Plant your largest, latest blooming bulbs at the bottom of the pot, add more soil
then plant earlier varieties on top.

Planting Daffodil Bulbs In Pots Indoors

Can’t wait until spring? Plant daffodils in pots indoors for color through the winter
and spring. Choose narcissus Paperwhite or a miniature daffodil such as Tete a Tete. After planting, water well then keep in a dark location for 8-10 weeks. When
the shoots appear, move the pot to a warm, bright room where they will bloom.
Plant a fresh pot every few weeks for a succession of blooms.

Now that you’ve learned all about planting daffodil bulbs, all you have to do is
decide on your favorite varieties. Explore our stunning daffodil and narcissus collection, where you’ll find the perfect daffodils for every situation.

How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs in Containers

When planting daffodils in containers, you can plant them much closer together; just make sure the bulbs aren’t touching one another. Use a soil-based or fiber compost and keep well watered. For a longer-lasting display, plant early, midseason and later varieties in layers, with the latest blooming daffodils at the bottom and enjoy blooms from February through May.

How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs in Warmer Zones

Daffodils originate in cold climates and most varieties thrive in cooler zones. If you live in a warmer location, look out for varieties such as the stunning white Ice Follies or mini daffodil Pipit that will grow well in warm areas up to zone 9. Chill the bulbs in a refrigerator for 8 - 10 weeks before planting any time up to November.

No spring garden is complete without daffodils and narcissi. There’s a variety perfect for every situation: explore our daffodil and narcissus collection to find your favorites. If you have any questions about how to grow daffodil bulbs, we’re here to help!
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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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