We offer lily bulbs for sale online that will produce lilies with qualities such as large, showy flowers, unusual forms and colors, and top garden performance.

When selecting varieties of lilies, consider bloom time. Asiatic Lilies bloom in early to midsummer, while Oriental Lilies bloom in mid to late summer. Many gardeners like to plant both because it's a way to enjoy lily flowers all summer long.

Make sure you take into account the lilies' mature height. Border Lilies grow 14-18 inches tall, while Oriental, Asiatic and Double Lilies are usually 3-4 ft. tall. Giant Lilies can reach 6-8 ft. tall. Finally, narrow down your color choices and go with your personal preferences. You can choose from so many types of pink lilies, types of orange lilies and types of red lilies as well as other colors.

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