Rainbow Tulips

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An Introduction To The Exhilarating World Of Rainbow Tulips

The feathery form and vibrant colors of the rainbow tulip are an unrivaled display of nature's beauty. The creatively-shaped and unusually-colored flowers were made from mutations of specific Triumph type tulips and late-flowering tulips. Their fringed petals offer a gorgeous aesthetic and attract more attention than standard species. Parrot rainbow tulips are either bicolored or tricolored. Splashes of brownish-red, green, and yellow offer a lavish look to rainbow tulips. Choose the rainbow tulips from DutchGrown for their striking appearance and splendid flavors.

Taking Care Of Rainbow Tulips

In spring, when the rainbow parrot tulip flowers, remove the mulch. Increase the water supply to weekly watering until the flowers fade close to the beginning of summer. You can use a hose or a dripping system. During the growing season, feed the rainbow tulips every month with a fertilizer comprising an NPK ratio of 10-10-10. When the parrot rainbow tulip fades, remove the blooms and stems. Remove the foliage when it turns yellow. The green foliage absorbs sunlight, which feeds the bulb for your next growing season. Store the rainbow tulip bulbs in a dry and warm location. Replant the bulbs during autumn.

Are Rainbow Tulips Real?

Because of the rainbow tulip's extravagant look, it appears unreal. The rainbow tulip features a play of bright colors and shines in any garden or interior décor. Rainbow tulips are a striking addition to any flower arrangement.

Why Choose A Tulip Rainbow Parrot Hybrid?

The flowers of the tulip rainbow parrot are huge, fancy and elegant. The exotic beauty of these tulips is stunning. It's a symbol of spring and rewards gardeners through its easy culture and excellence. The rainbow tulip blooms in late spring and offers a spectacular view with unrivaled fragrances.

Rainbow parrot tulips are a gorgeous addition to any garden. Their vibrant colors make your heart sing with joy! Create an unrivaled garden display and choose rainbow tulips from DutchGrown.